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Aprender español en Colombia

Benefits included in this service are free of any fee for our students of Spanish in Bogota. This program gets together one student of Spanish and a Colombian student who is interested in the mother tongue of the foreign student. Students are transformed into tutors of their own languages. The language companion program has become a very popular way for students to learn Spanish in Bogota by exercising their conversation skills with Colombian native speakers of Spanish.

The search for a language companion may take up to two weeks. Nevertheless, this may take a bit longer, depending on the foreign student’s mother tongue.

La búsqueda de un compañero toma por lo general 1-2 semanas. No obstante, puede tomar más tiempo, según el idioma nativo del estudiante.

How does the language companion program work?

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We recommend this program to students with an intermediate level in the language they want to practice. Students can schedule their meetings, get to make new friends and at the same time benefit from the knowledge each one can bring to every session.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve their conversation skills in another language.
  • Learn everyday words and phrases in another language.
  • Share their culture with others as well as to improve their understanding of other cultures.
  • Build social relationships through friendly interactions.

How can I be part of the program?

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  1. Fill in the registration form and create your profile.
  2. The program coordinator will get in touch with you.
  3. Evaluate which of the options you are presented with is the more suitable to your needs and interests.
  4. Once the two participants have agreed to be language companions, TyT will help them get in touch, as well as offer advice for the best profit from the program.


    Educational Modalities

    Distance learning

    We offer customized online Spanish courses taught via Skype or Gmail. All you need to do is to log on and a tutor will be waiting for you to help you learn Spanish online.

    Face to face learning in our facilities

    We also offer customized personal or small group Spanish classes in our facilities with flexible scheduling.

    Face to face learning at your place

    We take our tutor to your place! We give you the option of scheduling your class in the comfort and coziness of your home.


    What our customers say

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