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Our Junior program is conceived for kids and teenagers who want to have fun while they learn the language. Here, learners study Spanish through leisure activities such as games, music, painting, movies, among others, which will make learning Spanish in Bogota an outstanding experience.


profesores particulares

This program has been conceived for professionals who need and want to study Spanish. Based on an analysis of every student and his/her learning style, each session is designed to suit the learners’ needs in order to boost their language learning skills as well as the potential use of the second language in the learner’s field of expertise. Hence, the Professional program also holds as an objective the applicability of what is learnt in the Spanish sessions to real contexts through relevant and yet amusing activities.


profesores particulares

Our Senior program combines experiential learning with amusing communicative activities. Students will be able to learn Spanish in Bogota through amenable conversations over a cup of Colombian coffee in any of the many Cafés in the city, or they can also visit a museum or even go out for a traditional meal; all of these have been conceived for a pleasant and friendly learning experience filled with enjoyable moments.

Furthermore, we also offer Spanish classes focused on the following:

  • Spanish for business.
  • Spanish through Colombian culture and history.
  • Spanish through educational tourism in Bogotá and Cundinamarca region.

Our Program of Spanish as a second language has been conceived through the communicative approach, which allows us to present students with genuine situations for them to use their second language in one of the most vibrant capital cities of Latin America. The cornerstone of our Spanish classes in Bogota is the development of customized language sessions that focus on the needs of each student. Such needs are taken into account in sessions where teaching and learning are promoted through interaction.

This way, every student will be able to speak, listen, read, write and feel the Spanish language. Such goal is reached through experiential learning sessions that will make students fall in love with the language and the culture of the city, always bearing in mind the importance of enjoying the teaching/learning process where we offer more than just language structures.

Benefits included

profesores particulares


Social and cultural activities

Academic path

profesores particulares

Learning profiles

We customize our Spanish classes to each student’s learning needs. Once we have profiled students’ skills, we are able to offer personalized lessons in differentiated classrooms where we put together solid learning groups. Hence, having the need to use all his/her language skills, every student will be able to enjoy an environment where learning comes naturally.


Communicative approach: Communication is the keystone of our program. Thus, we create and live real situations of communication where learning is led by usage, profiting from the challenges and advantages that this provides. Every aspect of language use will be proved in real contexts, with the opportunity of making the necessary adaptations and correction at the very moment of using the language. This way, students will be able to speak and understand spoken Spanish, which will also help in their learning to write and read it.

Language exchange: In the last few years, this practice, based on Cormier’s method, has been revolutionary in language teaching and learning around the world. Language exchange implies the experiencing of amusing real situations, such as talks, in order to interact with different cultures, peoples, thoughts and world views.

Gamification: Whether you are a child or a grown up, you can have lots of fun while you study Spanish with us, for we use playful activities that will help you in the process. Using this approach, you will find the way to relax yourself and open up to learning through leisure activities.

Project based approach: In this approach, students can carry out simple projects, such as writing letters and other kinds of simple texts, as well as more complex projects such as analyzing films, songs or radio programs. Through projects that will demand various activities that challenge students, this approach promotes the learning of Spanish through meaningful and relevant situations.

Task based classroom: Our classes are designed through activities where students face language use, which boosts their learning. Based on selected tasks, we reach the teaching/learning goals with no need of monotonous classes that may offer tons of potentially useless information that you will probably not remember.

Realia: This is a resourceful teaching techniques that elicits learning from what the student experiences. Through this practice, learners are forced to immerse themselves in the context where Spanish is used and experience the language and its culture. Tourism around the city, a Café, going to a supermarket or even karaoke are just a few of the situations through which you can have your Spanish classes in Bogota.

Study program

Our program is based on customization. Through a placement test of Spanish and a personality test, we identify what will lead you through a successful learning experience. Once we personalize your Spanish program, you will be part of a system where classes and activities are conceived for you to feel comfortable. Our syllabus includes not only conversational Spanish (listening and speaking), but all communicative skills, so that you can read, listen, write and speak the language.


This study plan is based on international language learning standards (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which helps your level of Spanish get to where you need it. We focus on skills and adapt our classes and activities to you, so that you get the most out of them.

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    Educational Modalities

    Distance learning

    We offer customized online Spanish courses taught via Skype or Gmail. All you need to do is to log on and a tutor will be waiting for you to help you learn Spanish online.

    Face to face learning in our facilities

    We also offer customized personal or small group Spanish classes in our facilities with flexible scheduling.

    Face to face learning at your place

    We take our tutor to your place! We give you the option of scheduling your class in the comfort and coziness of your home.


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