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At T&T Teaching and Tutoring, we have been getting ready for the upcoming status of Spanish as the new global language of the future. And we do not only teach it ourselves, we help others teach it to their best. How? Educational companies and institutions can outsource their teaching of Spanish as a foreign language with us.

We have a stable base of well prepared native Spanish speakers, experienced in teaching their language throughout different platforms to heterogeneous audiences of learners. But most importantly, we are capable of summoning, selecting and assembling teams of teachers from all over the Spanish speaking world.

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Outsourcing this service will benefit companies in at least two major aspects. On the one hand, it will help them save on labour costs, due to living costs in Latin American countries, which give us the possibility of offering competitive rates. On the other hand, companies will save time and costs by having T&T Teaching and Tutoring take charge of the management of this human resource. This implies that T&T will deal with everything related to summoning, selecting, training, hiring and supervising staff. Moreover, this also implies that companies will deal with just one company, us, and not with a large number of individuals.

  • Acces to skilled spanish teachers
  • Save on costs
  • Improve service and delight the customers


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Distance learning

We offer customized online Spanish courses taught via Skype or Gmail. All you need to do is to log on and a tutor will be waiting for you to help you learn Spanish online.


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